AKT Combatives - New York

Warrior in the Woods

a weekend of intensive, fun, reality-based training outside the academy

You’re going to train hard, sweat a lot, have fun — and learn so much!

safety first

Every Warrior in the Woods event begins with a safety briefing

Some of the skills taught at past Warrior in the Woods camps include:

  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Kubaton (for self-defense)
  • Basic Handgun/Shotgun Familiarization
  • Weapons retention
  • Knife Fighting & Knife/Handgun/Long Gun Defense
  • Primitive Fire Building
  • Land Navigation/Orienteering
  • Lashing and Rope Tying
  • AKTion Gauntlet — A challenging, fun, teambuilding course to test the skills you’ve learned during the Warrior in the Woods camp.
  • Debriefing and review

You must be a student at AKT Combatives Academy (16 years or older).

View pictures from some of our past Warrior in the Woods camps...

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