AKT Combatives - New York

Keynote Speaker—Dr. Barry A. Broughton

Barry A. Broughton, PhD is an in-demand speaker, presenter, and bestselling author. He provides high-energy, informative, and empowering presentations to organizations, associations, companies, government agencies, schools, and non-profit groups. His AKTion Leadership has evolved out of his multi-faceted professional background in the Military, Martial Arts and Medicine.

Dr. Broughton served on active duty in the US Army as a Combat Medic and a Battalion Medical Officer. He combines his extensive training the martial arts and years of practicing orthopedics and sport medicine in his system of AKT Combatives-Jujitsu. As a professional martial artist, Barry travels nationally and internationally presenting seminars, workshops, commencement and keynote addresses.

Broughton provides a unique perspective on leadership and team building in High Intensity and High Velocity Environments during his exciting “In the HIVE” presentations, making them ideal for conferences, break-out sessions, and company training events.

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