AKT Combatives - New York

AKT Combatives Council

The AKT Combatives Council is responsible for issuing Black Belt promotion certificates to those who are promoted to the rank of Black Belt in AKT Combatives-Jujitsu by certified instructors at Chartered AKT Academies.  For those who wish to teach the AKT Combatives-Jujitsu curriculum, the AKT Combatives Council will also issue Instructor Certification to those who complete the instructor certification program.

The AKT Combatives Council also certifies all Chartered and Affiliate schools, academies, and dojos teaching the AKT Combatives-Jujitsu curriculum.

AKT Combatives-Jujitsu Chartered Academies

AKT Combatives Academy
705 North Union Street
(across from Boardman Park)
Olean, NY 14760
Phone: (716) 373-1050

AKT Combatives Academy — Wellsville
167 North Main Street
Wellsville, NY 14895
Phone: (716) 373-1050

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