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Self-Defense / Personal Protection

Need self-defense skills NOW?
  • Learn highly effective techniques for stand-up and ground defense  — simple yet brutally effective methods of self-defense.

  • Adaptable techniques for anyone regardless of experience, size or gender.

  • Learn your assailant’s “anatomic vulnerabilities” for target acquisition.

  • This personal combatives system provides a seamless transition of defense for all ranges and planes of attack, giving you the tools needed to defend yourself in any situation.

  • Seminars also include General Safety Tips, Avoiding Sexual Assault, Home and Vehicle Awareness Guidelines, Controlling a Volatile Situation, Physiological response to violence, Proper training—proper response, Reflex response, Understanding Reactionary Gap, and much more.

Educate Yourself! Be Prepared…Not Paranoid!

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Active Shooter Preparedness or Beyond Self-Defense Seminars

Contact us to schedule an Active Shooter Preparedness or Beyond Self-Defense Seminar for your group, company, church, or civic organization.


Barry A. Broughton, PhD,  a national bestselling author, US Army Veteran, and Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, is available for Beyond Self-Defense, Personal Combatives, and Leadership & Teambuilding seminars and keynote addresses.

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