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AKT Academy Workbook

Dear AKT Family,

Our goal at AKT Combatives Academy is to develop lifelong learners, warrior scholars, leaders, teachers and world-changers. Our course of study in the martial arts is intensive and includes over 400 techniques for the required curriculum. Students must also learn concepts, human anatomy and the importance of service to others. Our students have been asking for a course handbook/workbook for years. In response to student demand, AKT Combatives Academy is proud to present a cram-packed interactive…

AKT Academy Workbook

The workbook includes:

  • AKT Student Training Manual

  • AKT Skills & Drills

  • The AKT Curriculum of Techniques for WHITE Belt to BLACK Belt
    All students will receive the Techniques Sections from WHITE Belt through their current Belt. They will receive the next relevant Techniques Section (at no additional cost) as they are promoted.

  • All Katas, Combatives Drills, and Combinations based on the student’s current Belt level

  • Anatomy section with diagrams, descriptions and terminology

  • Images of techniques, Notes of Instruction, Key Points, Interactive fill-in-the-blank questions

  • Student Creed, Student Pledge, AKT is…

  • Special Techniques Section for Test Preparation

  • Belt Progression Tracking Page to list and track Test/Promotion Dates

  • Glossary of terms

  • Durable 3-Ring Academy Binder custom designed to fit in Academy gear bags

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